Blackwork with Colour Complements threads


Blackwork is sometimes historically referred to as Spanish blackwork.  It is a counted thread embroidery traditionally worked with black silk thread on white or off-white linen.  In the past, it was particularly popular decorating collars and cuffs.  This technique consists of outlines and “fill” or repeating diaper patterns.  You can see blackwork today stitched using variegated threads and I am pleased to share one example of this here.  Mary Corbet of NeedlenThread has written a great article about blackwork just in case you would like to check it out HERE.

Dominique is a member of my stitch group and an avid stitcher.  I have shared some of her previous projects AND I have more to share in the future as well.  She recently showed us this lovely example of blackwork.  The pattern is designed by Sally Rudkin called Garden Traditions – Brandon.  It is stitched on a brown/tan linen, I believe 28 count and measures approximately 9.75 inches square.  Dominique chose Colour Complements Colour #188 in 1 strand of floss for the entire design.  I think it turned out beautifully, what do you think?

Interestingly, Dominique did not like it and ended up giving it to one of the other members of the group.  I believe Thea will be making this into a bag of some sort.  I always find it inspiring to attend the group as we ended up discussing some of the reasons why she may not have liked how it turned out.  One of the thoughts was the background was a bit dark and as a result the variegated floss became “lost”.  We thought perhaps a better option may have been a lighter tan or cream colour.  Do you agree?

You can find Colour #188 in the shop.  Thank you Dominique.

I will be taking a blog break next week getting caught up on some projects and preparations for the holiday season articles AND am dyeing some NEW threads.  Will be back to regular posting on Monday October 28th.  

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