frogs I know all of you will be wondering what FROGS has to do with stitching. Well, I hope the picture explains it.

Last week I received an email with the attached photograph from my customer and friend Kerry. I have posted Kerry’s projects here on the blog in the past as she is a PROLIFIC stitcher. Well, she sent me the photo with a subject heading of “frogs”. I wondered what on earth she was talking about. So, I have never seen a ceramic frog that fits on a mason jar – have you? You can see in the photograph that she collects all her orts in the mason jar and has a lovely little collection of scissors. An early Christmas present from her Mom. Way to go Mom!

If you google ceramic frogs for mason jars you will find some. Have fun shopping and thank you Kerry for sharing.  I just may have to break down and get one 🙂

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