NEEDLEPOINT, Colour Complements A NEEDLEPOINT stitch sample today showcasing Colour #46 from my new Summer Collection.

Many of you are already aware that I have a satellite group of members of the Victoria Embroiderers’ Guild who specialize in canvas work stitching samples for me.  When I completed my summer collection, I requested the ladies choose one pattern of their choice and combine colours as they wished from the collection.  I think it shows how colour can really change the look of any pattern and hopefully all the samples will provide inspiration for you in future projects.

The pattern chosen is one of Freda Murfin’s “Tidbits” available on her website, Freda’s Fancy Stitching HERE.  “Tidbits” are nine small patterns measuring a little under 3 ½” square on 18 count canvas.  These would be great combined in a group or individually as ornaments.

The sample today showcases Colour #46 which is a very bold blend of turquoise, aquamarine and lemon/lime.  Johanna, one of the members of the group has stitched this sample.  She has used Colour #46 in the center and has coordinated with two sizes of perle cotton in Colour #33 which is a blend of blues and turquoise variations.  Further accents are with Colour #187 (red blend) and Very Velvet Petite (greens).


Colour #46 – Cotton Floss

Colour #33 – Size 8 and Size 5 perle cotton

Very Velvet Petite – greens

Colour #187 – Size 5 perle

I think this turned out beautifully – what do you think?  Thank you Johanna.

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