Petite Very Velvet, Colour Complements Embroidery ThreadsPETITE VERY VELVET is back in stock.  I have received many requests over the last number of months regarding this product and when it would be back in stock.  I am delighted to introduce TEN new colour combinations.  There is a gorgeous red not shown above.

My American customers will likely be very familiar with this product but if you are not, Petite Very Velvet is a nylon thread that creates the appearance of velvet.  It adds glorious texture.  I LOVE this product 🙂

It is strong and holds up well when stitching maintaining its shape and thickness.  It is comparable in thickness to a size 5 perle cotton.  It works well on needlepoint canvas (13-18 count) and cross stitch (9-10 count) and creates lovely architectural elements on painted canvases.  I use it in both my counted canvas and my crazy quilting.  Great for wool applique and stumpwork – bees, bugs, flowers.  I have a beautiful combination of variations of orange – great for pumpkins.  The yellow blend would look fantastic for bees.  I could see the red in Christmas themed painted canvases – santa’s coat & hat.  Glorious texture.

My Petite Very Velvet is randomly dyed so please ensure you order what you require for your projects.  Please also be aware that despite my best attempts with photography, I feel the colours are more vibrant than what they may appear in the photographs.  This product is not colourfast so I therefore recommend not using it for any project that would require washing.

You can find my selection of Petite Very Velvets in the Colour Complements Shop.  Have a great weekend.

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