CRAZY QUILT, Colour Complements Ric Rac Am very excited to share some CRAZY QUILT seam treatments using my hand dyed Ric Rac today.

I rarely receive photographs from other crazy quilter’s so was quite thrilled to see what Kathy had created with my ric rac. In the first photo she has created a swirl using the ric rac which I think is incredibly inventive and not something I have seen – I may have to give this a try Kathy! It appears that she has embellished with French knots and detached chain.  She has created wheel spokes with stem stitches – oh the inspiration….. The photo on the right shows the ric rac embellished with either fly or straight stitches. CRAZY QUILT, Rayon Ric RacThe second photo shows a treatment with ric rac and the addition of zig zag stitches with small flowers using detached chains. The middle photo shows the ric rac and straight stitches in the curves. The final treatment is two pieces of ric rac with a combination of fly stitches and French knots.

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RAYON RIC RAC, hand dyed ric rac

OK, I’m off to give these a try. Thank you Kathy for sharing – most inspiring!

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