CRAZY QUILTING A section in Block #6 of my new CRAZY QUILTING project – Black Butterflies.

My favourite section of this block is my beaded cabochon. A number of years ago I purchased a large volume of brass bezels – have no idea what I was thinking but I do tend to buy in bulk. A couple of years ago a group of mixed media friends got together and we did a day of resin. I created a collaged image on background paper then cut it out to place in the bezel. I left it overnight to dry then we added resin the next day. It was left another day so the resin would set and voila – a collaged image bezel. Kathy Shaw (Shawkl) was kind enough to bead around the edges. In fact, I had Kathy add beaded edging to quite a few bezels, cabochons etc. that I will be sharing in future posts.  Thank you Kathy.

I kept the hand dyed applique trim quite simple with French knots and some Kreinik 1/16” ribbon for a bit of bling.

I work on one medium size crazy quilt project annually, or at least I try to! This year I chose a completely different colour combination from last year in a bold primary colour palette. You can find all the other posts pertaining to this project under “Black Butterflies” in the right sidebar under Categories.

The final reveal on Friday.

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