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Fall is here on the West Coast. With this in mind, some fall colour inspiration is brewing to celebrate the season. In today’s blog post, we’re highlighting the colour ORANGE as our colour in our monthly Colour Feature Series.

I’ve mentioned many times previously that fall is my favourite time of year. I love sunny days with cool nights, ESPECIALLY the cool nights after our warm summer this year. It is a lovely opportunity to enjoy an outdoor fire with a glass of wine.

Orange is often associated with warmth and heat (sunshine) but I always think of Halloween. For needlework, combine it with black and you have your traditional Halloween colour palette.  Try combining it with red, red/orange and you have a beautiful analogous colour scheme. Combine it with blues and you have a complementary colour scheme.

Regardless of the colour combinations you choose, there are many variations working with orange.

A cheerful palette would be an analogous scheme including yellow, yellow-green and green. There are endless colour combinations with this fall colour inspiration!

Here are some orange fall colour inspirations featured in the shop

I have three main colours feature orange:

Let’s take a closer look at each of these colours.

Colour #36 is a blend of orange and orange/red. Colour #66 is a bold blend of various values of orange and makes a great blending colour in your needlework. Colour #74 is a stunning blend of blue and orange – I personally love this combination!

I could have added Colour# 77 which features golden brown, golden yellow and muted orange. 

This month we will be showcasing several samples featuring ORANGE to celebrate the onset of the fall season.

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