Today we’re continuing our foundation seam treatment series, discussing how straight stitches can be used for embellishing your crazy quilts. I hope you will see the endless possibilities when using straight stitches – you can do a lot!

As I did previously with the herringbone stitch, I will be sharing different examples of seam treatments using straight stitches.

I want to start with simple straight stitches designed to create a pattern. The seam treatment above started by tracing V shapes with a template designed by Sharon Boggon. She demonstrates these on her Pintangle website. They are excellent and worth adding to your supply stash. I use them a lot.

More details on how to use straight stitches for Embellishing

The background V stitches are wider V’s stitched with size 8 Perle cotton. I followed this by tracing another row of V’s but narrower and again stitching with another colour combination in a size 8 Perle cotton. They are simple straight stitches but adding two rows in varying widths creates a more interesting seam treatment. As mentioned, beause of the simplicity of this stitch you can create some embellishment in your project. Flower sequins were added for embellishment at the top sewn in place with a bead.

Remember, these are straight stitches simply stitched to create a pattern. Anyone can stitch a straight stitch!

If you are new to my seam treatment series and want to learn more, check out categories – crazy quilting – seam treatments.

Next month I’ll be featuring another example of utilizing straight stitches in our foundation seam treatment series.

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