Today, we’re playing around with citrus themed colours! I mentioned last week that I focused on the lime green in my new summer collection. Colour #80 was the first of three colours I dyed for my 2022 summer collection. This colour combination is a blend of lime green, yellow and pale orange. It reminds me of all of the juicy citrus fruits you could possibly think of.

Whenever I look at this colour combination, I think of summer. What do you think?

I love how the colours blended in this combination. You could easily use a variety of colours to create a palette but I’d definitely include various values of lime green, to give it more pop. I’ll be showcasing stitched samples throughout the month so you can see how Colour #80 looks when stitched.

Citrus Themed Colours Up Close

In the video, I am stitching a Medieval Mosaic stitch on 18-count canvas using a size 5 Perle cotton.

I find it beneficial to show videos of my colour combinations so you can “see” how the colour combination appears when stitched.

For reference, you will find this stitch in the Stitches Book Volume One by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky. These books are ones that I like to use for my stitch samples as the diagrams are very easy to follow.

I love how the pattern came out at the end. The hint of lime green that you see is perfectly spaced apart. It’s almost as if this pattern that we created was intentional! A happy mistake, as I call it.

Make sure you add Colour #80 to your stash. You won’t be disappointed.

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