Well, I am featuring stars this month so twinkle twinkle little star!

Since some of you may be joining me for the first time, this is the second post featuring my Christmas star theme.  I will be featuring a series of star posts all month.  You can find all the posts in the right sidebar categories – colourful Christmas.  All the stars measure about 2 ½ inches on 18 count white mono canvas.

The star pattern is featured on the Nuts about Needlepoint blog HEREThank you for this Janet.

While the pattern is very simple, I’ll be demonstrating how the appearance can change depending on the colours and threads used with each star. 

In the last post I showed you the basic pattern using only one thread and colour.  Twinkle twinkle shows two stars each using two colours and different threads, one variegated and one solid.  The top star is a combination of colour #138 (pastel blend) in a size 5 perle cotton with blue floss DMC colour #322.  You will note that the floss gives this star a slightly more open appearance.  The star on the bottom is stitched with colour #137 and a solid white all in size 5 perle cotton.

Naturally, both of these stars could be finished as is BUT you could also fill them in with further stitching to create a square. 

The stars are a great opportunity to use up bits from leftover projects but I must admit, I really like both of these colour choices for Christmas.

Twinkle twinkle little star – more stars coming.

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