This is Block #2 complete in my current crazy quilting project.  I hope you enjoyed my previous posts highlighting some of my favourite tools and templates. 

Let’s review this block

If you recall, my plan is to include a handkerchief or section of one in each of the blocks for this project.  You will see this added to almost the center of this block.  It is a lovely corner with both lace and embroidery.  This was sewn into the seam prior to adding any embellishments.  I have added an applique floral motif which I painted with dye to loosely replicate some of the colours in the block. 

The beaded cabochon was part of a collection of painted porcelain circles.  I can’t recall at this time where I picked these up as they have been in my stash for some time.  Kathy Shaw beaded this for me – thank you Kathy!  It was placed to cover a small seam.

The central section was rather a large gingham silk strip so I overlaid this with some lace I had and further added some velvet brads. 

I may well add something in the lower left once I start sewing the blocks together.  This may balance the block as a whole as the majority of added embellishments are on the right side.  We will see!

Onto block #3 – stay tuned.

I’ll be taking a short blog break returning next Wednesday. Hope all of you enjoy Easter with family and friends!

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