TUBULAR RIBBON, Colour Complements Threads

Introducing TUBULAR RIBBON.  I have not had this product in stock for quite some time but decided to dye up a small selection of colours for those of you who have requested it.

TUBULAR RIBBON is a knitted rayon tube approximate 5 mm in width (3/16 of an inch).  It can be used flat as a ribbon for couching OR you can also thread it with another yarn/thread through the tube and gather it to create lovely texture.  I use this technique to create small flowers in my crazy quilting and it is great in wool applique also.  It can  be used for canvas work although I would recommend a larger mesh (13 at a minimum).

I have nine colour combinations.  The rayon absorbs the dye beautifully resulting in vibrant colours.

A few examples of how the tubular ribbon can be used and one showing the threading technique.TUBULAR RIBBONAND a few more examples
TUBULAR RIBBON As you can see, it is quite versatile and lots of fun to play with.

Have a great weekend.

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