This month’s pattern is called Kiku Mums, a floral Temari ball pattern. As the play-on name suggests, this pattern reminds me of the beautiful chrysanthemums found in nurseries once fall arrives. Last fall, I visited the nursery in late October to see rows of chrysanthemums in varying colours of yellows, golds, bronze, and burgundies. It’s a beautiful sight.

How this floral Temari pattern was created

Verna chose two colours: One is a bold blend of variations of orange. The second is a pastel blend of mint green and pale aqua. The focal floral pattern is created with Colour #66, while the accents are Colour #71. I think both look beautiful with the black metallic background, but I could also see this with a pale blue background.

The pattern for Kiku Mums is by Barbara Seuss. Once again, the pattern is a combination 8 division which I’ve discussed in previous blog posts. All the blog posts can be found on the right sidebar of the blog page under Categories – Temari. Additional information about this pattern can be seen as well as many more on Barbara’s website at Japanese Temari.

While Temari may not be of interest to you, I hope you are inspired by the colour combinations we share in various projects on the blog. Personally, it is always fun to open parcels from Verna. Her colour combinations always give me ideas for future projects. Thank you, Verna.

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