A fabulous crocheted bag Kerry is sharing with us today.

Crochet is the first craft I learned to do.  I remember Mom teaching me to crochet doilies.  If I remember correctly I was probably around seven or eight years old.  I kept up with it for a number of years, progressing from doilies to afghans but then my interest wained. 

Kerry’s Mom taught her to crochet when she was around 10 but like me she hasn’t done any since then.  One day Kerry came across a bag/purse video on Pinterest.  She tells me when she watched it she thought of my threads.  She started experimenting with some size 3 perle cotton she had on hand then emailed me to see if I had any “kicking around”.  Some of you will know that I always experiment with new colour combinations using size 3 perle cotton.  I do this as size 3 shows me the colour variations well.  It just so happened I had a selection so off it went.

At this point, I should mention that Kerry has a killer sense of humour!  She always sends me the most hilarious emails.  Since she had not crocheted for many years she hunted around the house for a hook to no avail.  She started experimenting initially with a home hair frosting kit hook!!  Takes improvisation to a new level, especially in times of self-isolation!

The finished project above.  Some specifics

  • Bottom is 10 inches x 4 ½ inches and about 7 inches tall
  • Handle is 7 inches from the bottom to the top and the gap between is 4 inches
  • Bottom stitched with Aunt Lydia’s size 3 black crochet cotton – so it won’t show the dirt!  She used part of one ball (150 yards)
  • Clothesline 84 feet of ¼ inch from Joann’s
  • Size 3 perle cotton, about 350 yards

Don’t you love how it turned out.  Adore the owl buttons!

And just in case you want to know, Kerry uses it!  I have a feeling she will be making another one at some point too.

Thanks so much for sharing Kerry.  Maybe you might like to create your own crocheted bag. Check out how HERE

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