CRAZY QUILTING, Colour Complements threads The first section in Block #5 of my new CRAZY QUILTING project – Black Butterflies. I work on one medium size crazy quilt project annually, or at least I try to! This year I chose a completely different colour combination from last year in a bold primary colour palette. You can find all the other posts pertaining to this project under “Black Butterflies” in the right sidebar under Categories.

In the top left you will see a tiny bit of a cross hatched area. I personally feel that cross hatching is a great way to fill in some of what can be view as rather dull areas. I embellished the black braid trim very simply with French knots. The seam just below this is a scalloped base using silk perle with the addition of dyed flowers tacked in the center with a French knots.

I am delighted with how the button cluster turned out in the lower right. A number of years ago several friends and I got together to create some resin bezels. You will see these in jewelry but I wanted to create mine for crazy quilting. We decided on our bezels and added collage to these using a tiny bit of glue to hold in place. These were left overnight to dry and we poured resin the following day allowing to dry. They turned out very well and I have quite a collection of bezels. This is the focal point of this button cluster. I added various buttons and beads to this with scattered small French knots. I hope this will give you an idea of other additions to your button clusters.

And just in case you want to see how this block started out CRAZY QUILTING, Colour Complements Threads

More of Block #5 next week.

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