knitting-colour-complements Today I am very excited to share some KNITTING.  From time to time, I attend a group in my community called “Knit Wits”. I went in several months ago to introduce myself and find out what the ladies did.  It turns out most knit or crochet although there are a few that do various types of embroidery.  I am hoping to introduce them over the course of time to counted canvas but we will see! KNITTING

Anyway, the first time I attended I met Fran. Fran and I have a mutual friend and we share many similar interests. She has since been very busy introducing me to other residents, new areas for walking and various shops, coffee shops etc locally. Fran used to quilt for many years but these days she knits. I should interject that I DO NOT knit so I asked if she might be interested in stitching up a couple of examples of knitting using my size 5 perle cotton. I was curious to see how she found knitting with the size 5 perle.

So, Fran used US#3 circular needles (15 ½”). She did mention this is her personal preference with this size of thread/yarn for knitting and would not be absolutely necessary – perhaps you have your own preference.  This is seed stitch starting with an uneven number of cast on stitches. Hope all this makes sense as it I AM NOT A KNITTER!

I was rather pleased with the results.  Fran could see the size 5 perle combined with other yarns for future knitting. We are going to experiment with some size 3 perle in the future to see how this turns out.  Just a note that both these colour combinations were randomly dyed but you can find a good selection of size 5 perle in the shop HERE.

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