TATTING, COLOUR COMPLEMENTS THREADS Some TATTING today. My friend Kerry sent me another lovely gift recently. My “Christmas in July” gift. Four tatted bracelets using my summer collection of colour combinations!

She had emailed me some time ago that she had been playing with TATTING which she had not previously done. She watched this VIDEO. on how to do the “split ring” and figured it out herself after. I should mention that the video is I believe in Spanish so consequently Kerry simply learned by watching it versus listening to it. She used size 5 perle cotton Colours #43, 44, 45, 46 and picked up both the beads and toggles (clasps) at Joann Fabrics. Now, I think I should mention that when Kerry starts something she tends to get a wee bit carried away SO to date, she has tatted 70 bracelets!!!!

I guess it is safe to say she is becoming proficient with tatting at this point!!! Thank you Kerry, always delightful to see what you are up to. 😊  All these colours are available in the SHOP.COLOUR COMPLEMENTS SUMMER COLLECTION

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