BEAD WEAVING, hand dyed embroidery threads

Delighted to share something different today – BEAD WEAVING on a BEAD LOOM!  I must admit, this is foreign territory for me having had minimal experience with bead weaving and NO experience using a bead loom.  Let me introduce you to Lou Ann who has kindly shared some of her beautiful woven bracelets.

Lou Ann initially learned this technique after taking a Craftsy class “Bead and Tapestry Cuffs” with Claudia Chase.  You can find it HERE.  She tells me her bracelets are woven on an inexpensive plastic loom called a Jewel Loom.  I did a bit of research and you can find this loom HERE.

Lou Ann purchased some of my threads and little did I know that she would be creating these beauties.  Always such a delight and surprise to see what customers create with my threads.  Personally, I think they look fantastic!

Lou Ann did mention that there is a wonderful tutorial on the Mirrix loom website – lovely looms but more expensive than the Jewel Loom.   The tutorial is the Affinity Bracelet.

She has used size 5 perle cotton for both the warp and the weft and size 8/0 beads because she feels the larger size shows up better.  The possibilities for fiber and embellishments are endless with this technique.

In the photograph above, Colour #166 is shown on the left and Colour #137 is shown on the right.  GORGEOUS!

And, just in case you want to see more…..

BEAD WEAVING, hand dyed embroidery threads

Thank you for sharing your creativity Lou Ann!

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