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A beautiful and innovative example of EMBROIDERY today!

I took a lovely vacation just prior to Christmas last year but sadly returned with a nasty sinus cold.  I was feeling particularly blue one day when I collected my mail and found these GORGEOUS gifts for ME!!  It was a delightful surprise.

I have posted Kerry’s projects previously – she is a prolific stitcher, always on the hunt for ideas and ALWAYS has lots of projects on the go.  Every Christmas Kerry creates lovely gifts for family and friends.  She made 30 of these beautiful bracelets and gifted me with the three shown above – LUCKY ME!!  I requested she share “the goods” with me so here goes.

She used linen as her base and marked off five bracelets on the fabric then mounted it on 9” stretcher bars for stitching.  Once complete she removed from the stretcher bars, cut them apart, folded and hand sewed together.

She attached the clasps and made those teeny tiny tassels.  She used three colours of size 12 perle cotton for my bracelets – Colour #191, #110 and #3.  One skein made 5 bracelets (4 bracelets with bullion roses).

Just in case you may like to give these a try yourself you can find the linen fabric at Wool and Hoop HERE.  Thank you to Mary Corbet for the linen information.


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