CRAZY QUILTING, Colour Complements ThreadsAnother section of Block #3 in my new CRAZY QUILTING project – Black Butterflies.  I have mentioned previously that I generally work on one medium size crazy quilt project annually.  This year I chose a completely different colour combination from last year in a bold primary colour palette.  You can find all the other posts pertaining to this project under “Black Butterflies” in the right sidebar under Categories.

I mentioned in block #2 that I planned to add button clusters to several of the blocks in this quilt as I have a rather large stash and it is about time to use some up.  I grouped three buttons together for this cluster in varying colours and sizes which are accented with a bead leaf and a silver leaf.

I used a rayon metallic ribbon for the hexagons and added motifs I had found several years ago.  These were not dyed and came in the yellow/green so worked quite well here.  Just below this is a striped ribbon tacked in place in a zig zag pattern using Kreinik 1/16” ribbon.

I learned a very valuable lesson that I would like to pass on.  For the most part I use Frixxion pens for marking me seams.   I opted on this occasion to use one of the white marking pens as the background was dark and I could not see my markings.  Sadly I can still see some faint tracing of the white lines – have tried damping, erasing etc with no luck.  If any of you have hints about removing this please pass them on!

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