NEEDLEPOINT, Wildest Dreams At the time I started my business six years ago, my creative interests centered around crazy quilting.  As my business grew, I started to receive photos and have requests from customers who did NEEDLEPOINT, both painted canvas and counted canvas.  The more I received, the more my interest increased, particularly with counted canvas as it provided the opportunity to play with colours.

Around the same time I came across a Canadian designer, Carolyn Mitchell who was teaching a counted canvas workshop on Vancouver Island which is not far from me.  I contacted the organizer (thank you Lois), discussed my lack of experience and with her encouragement registered in the three day class.  Carolyn was teaching “Wildest Dreams”!  Carolyn encourages students to choose their own palette and the photograph below was my inspiration.  Purples, greens, blues and teals.

NEEDLEPOINT, Wildest Dreams During pre-work I started to refer to the project as my Wildest Nightmare!!!  Do remember, I was a beginner and this was my FIRST canvas project AND the project is quite large at about 18×18.  I persevered and once my pre-work was complete, I was ready for class.

I spent a wonderful three days with an ever so patient Carolyn and a lovely group of friendly and advanced stitcher’s.  I learned A LOT.  There is nothing quite like watching the rhythm of an experienced needle worker.  I accomplished very little and came home somewhat discouraged but I was up for the challenge.  That was three years ago!

Wildest Dreams was put aside for a number of months following class.  I returned to it intermittently but found it increasingly challenging to stitch.  Keep in mind ALL the stitches were new to me at that time.  After about six months of struggling, stitching some sections REPEATEDLY, I came to the conclusion that my stumbling block was stitching on the diagonal.  At this point I was about a quarter of the way through and decided I needed to start again (GASP!).  BUT, I chose to stitch my own version of Wildest Dreams using all of Carolyn’s stitches (and some of my own).

It has taken me far longer than anticipated but I am delighted to share some sneak peeks above followed by the full project coming in my next post on Monday!

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