NEEDLEPOINT, hand dyed embroidery threads Are you in a STITCHY MOOD!  A great and innovative example of some needlepoint today.  Christa recently found herself in a stitchy mood – can you relate, I sure can!!

She tells me her brain was not in a thinking mood and she found herself with a blank canvas on her stretcher bars so traced Stitchy Mood on it.  She created the project with mindless doodles as well as some actual stitches.  The project is stitched on 18 count turquoise canvas.  Her focus colour for Stitchy Mood was colour #109 with all the coordinating colours taken from this palette.

Well, now I am definitely in a Stitchy Mood.  Just goes to show what you can create if you just DO IT.  Thanks so much for sharing Christa. STITCHY MOOD

Happy Halloween – stay safe and have fun to all the trick or treaters!  Have a fun night tomorrow.

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