SCISSOR FOB, needlepoint

This is a lovely SCISSOR FOB showcasing my Chorus of Colours from Wednesday.  Susan created the pattern which she has provided in PDF format for those of you who may be interested in stitching it.  Susan chose two colours from my Fall Collection, Colour #34 and Colour #37.  Colour #34 is a very rich deep blend of purple, green and blue.  Colour #37 is a bold blend of dusty orange and golden yellow.  The fob is stitched on 18 count canvas.

Here is the pattern.  Scissor Fob

You will need one skein of each colour in a size 5 perle cotton.  It measures approximately 1 ½” finished.

The Embroidery Guild of Victoria recently hosted a Scissor Fob Exchange in which you could use any technique of choice but the fob had to be no larger than 2.5×2.5”.  I have a feeling Susan may have stitched a number of these in various colour combinations!

Have a great weekend.

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