NEEDLEPOINT STITCH SAMPLES today showcasing four of my new fall collection colour combinations.  All are stitched on 18 count mono canvas with size 5 perle cotton.

The top left show Colour #34, a rich blend of dark blue, green and purple.  The stitch is a triangle variation. The bottom right shows Colour #35, a blend of green, brown and golden brown.  The stitch is a double tied oblong cross.  Colour #36 is a blend of red and dusty orange variations (top right) and the stitch is a diagonal mosaic.  The bottom left show Colour #37, a vibrant blend of dusty orange and golden yellows.  The stitch is a horizontal elongated Smyrna.  All these stitches can be found in Volume #1 of Ruth Schmuff’s “Stitches”.

I have not included a stitch sample for Colour #38 as this is a “limited edition” colour and I will not be re-dyeing it.  It is a gorgeous combination of rich dark burgundy.  However, I will likely dye something similar in the future – I am currently experimenting!

I hope you enjoy my new fall collection.  I will be showing some more mini projects demonstrating how these colours can be used so stay tuned.  Have a great weekend.

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