COLOUR COMPLEMENTS FALL COLLECTION Introducing my COLOUR COMPLEMENTS FALL COLLECTION 2017!  I found it quite challenging coming up with this collection as I really did not have a particular colour scheme I wanted to focus on this season.  So, I started with Colour #34 which is rich deep dark blend of blue, green and purple.  The colours blend in this palette to create a dusty burgundy colour.  It will look lovely blended with some lighter purples, blues and greens.

I had been wanting to dye a deep burgundy/pink blend for some time and came up with Colour #38.  It is a deep rich blend but admit there is less variation in the colours than I anticipated when dyeing.  As a result it can “read” as almost a solid BUT a true beauty.  Please note this is a limited edition colour so it will not be re-dyed.

I moved onto a collection of more traditional fall colours starting with a green/brown/golden brown combination, Colour #35Colour #36 is a blend of red and dusty orange variations.  Colour #37 is a blend of dusty orange and golden yellows.  Both of these last two colours are quite stunning, very vibrant and I believe would look gorgeous in any fall canvas or project.  I can see stunning results with browns!

I also added three new sampler packs in a selection of colours to celebrate the upcoming fall season here in North America.

So, there you have it.  My FALL COLLECTION for 2017!  I can hardly wait to see what all of you come up with.  Thank you for your continuing support of my dyeing obsession!

Stay tuned for some stitch samples later this week and upcoming projects using the fall colours.

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