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A brilliant idea for EMBROIDERY today.

With summer fast approaching I think this is the perfect time to share this project.  One of my long time customers, Kerry is a prolific stitcher and always seems to come up with some great projects.  I swear this woman does not sleep!  I thought this was a FANTASTIC idea when I found the photos in my inbox.  I love canvas shoes – I own a particularly ratty pair for garden shoes.  You can find canvas shoes at a variety of stores.

Kerry found the images online, saved them to her computer, re-sized and printed them onto Printable Sulky Stitcky Fabri-Solvy.  You can read about this product HERE.

TIP – Kerry generally purchases the 6 yard rolls for her ink-jet printer but it can be tricky to feed into the printer.  She tapes some on a regular piece of paper then feeds it into the printer.  You will need to wait a few hours for the ink to dry.  Stitch the pattern then run it under hot water to remove the Fabri-Solvy.  You may need to rub lightly with a toothbrush.

I will add a second tip that it would be a good idea to rinse my threads prior to stitching a project such as this requiring washing.  This way you can ensure the threads are colour fast.

Kerry chose size 8 perle cotton, colour #10 for the black shoes and size 8 perle cotton, colour #3 for the white ones.  She does mention that the canvas is thicker than it looks so stitching can be a bit tricky – I imagine a bit tough on the fingers too!

Yes, you are definitely ready for the season girl!  Thanks so much for sharing Kerry.

You can find a great selection of colours if these are not appealing in the SHOP!

Have a great weekend.

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