CRAZY QUILTINGMy medium dusty CRAZY QUILTING project is very near completion.  I am down to the last two posts after today!

Today I would like to show you how I deal with block “problem” areas.  I generally sew my crazy quilt blocks in a somewhat random fashion using the flip and sew method.  Prior to embellishing I noted the rather straight section which is peeking through.  I had this rather large applique butterfly in my drawer, likely picked up at the thrift store which I felt would work perfectly to cover up this area.  I kept it simple by simply adding a few French knots.  I repeated some French knots above this to fill in the area and added a few flower beads.

The seam treatment on the left is a base of feather stitch.  I added detached chain stitches, beads and imperfect bullions as flower buds.

To the right is an area of cross hatching using silk perle tacked with Kreinik braid.

That’s it!  Have a great weekend.

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