NEEDLEPOINT STITCH SAMPLESMy NEEDLEPOINT STITCH SAMPLES are stitched on 18 count canvas to give you an idea of what each of the colour combinations will appear when stitched.  Above is Colour #23 – I was thinking of Easter when I dyed this, a lovely combination of coral, pale yellow, soft blue and green.  Perhaps an Easter basket full of flowers 🙂

NEEDLEPOINT STITCH SAMPLESColour #22 is a true over dye.  I started with one combination of colours and found I did not like it as much as I had thought.  SO, I over dyed it with a second colour.  It has a much more blended look as a result.  Medium value teals, blues and lavender.

NEEDLEPOINT STITCH SAMPLESColour #27 is a subtle blend of sage green, pale apricot and a pale blue/gray which has the appearance of light lavender.  It stitches up beautifully.  I was inspired by beach grass for this colour combination.  For those of you lucky enough to walk along sandy beaches you will frequently see areas of beach grass.  So, this is what I came up with.  More on Friday.

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