FRAMED FOURSOME, hand dyed embroidery threads

As most of you likely already know, I generally stitch at least one project using some of the colours from my most recent collection.  For my spring project I chose FRAMED FOURSOME which is a geometric pattern celebrating the four seasons designed by Peg Dunayer.  You can find the pattern in the July/August 2006 edition of Needlepoint Now on page 29.  The pattern measures approximately 6” on 18 count mono.

When I dye new colours I start with an idea but am really never completely sure what will come out of my dye pot.  When colours blend it is a bit unpredictable.  I was delighted with colour #24, a lovely blend of pale apricot, soft blues and what I refer to as “seafoam” (an aqua blend).  Once it was dry I decided to dye colour #25 which is a very subtle blend of various values of seafoam to coordinate with #24.

Since colour #24 was my focus colour I chose other threads and colours to coordinate.  I also decided to paint some 18 count mono canvas in orange to provide further contrast and hopefully allow my colours to POP.  I knew I wanted to use #24 in the centers of each of the squares so I opted to stitch the borders using colour #25.  I thought colour #4 which I introduced in my spring collection of 2016 worked well as did the blue from my Trio collection.  I also added a couple of different colours of the Kreinik #8 braid, colour #5 which is blues and colour #4 which is a bold orange.  You will also find a very tiny bit of the Kreinik 1/16” ribbon, colour #9 in one of the squares.

The final results on Wednesday!

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