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NEEDLEPOINT STITCH SAMPLES as promised showcasing two of my new Autumn Collection.  The top sample shows a byzantine stitch in colour #9.  Colour #9 is a combination of reds and browns.  I felt the byzantine stitch showed clearly the colour differentiations in this combination.  needlepoint, Colour Complements threadsThis is colour #10, a vibrant and rich blend of orange, red violet and golden yellow.  Believe me when I say I think this looks even better “in person” than in the photos.  This is a reversed cashmere stitch.

I am attempting to provide stitch samples of all of my colour combinations.  Having said this I have more to do for the shop but hopefully by the end of the year :)!  I feel this gives a visual to see how the colour may appear in your project.  AND I must admit, they are rather fast and fun to stitch up.  More coming on Wednesday.

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