MY WAY, Colour Complements hand dyed embroidery threadsMY WAY – this is Square “D” in my version of Carolyn Mitchell’s pattern.

Square “D” was the first of the three squares I chose to stitch which proved quite challenging (sigh).  I mentioned a couple of days ago that I chose an eggshell 18 mono canvas and after stitching this decided to paint the canvas for the other two squares.  You can see a tiny bit of the eggshell showing through which I did not want hence the choice of painting.  Naturally, this is all about personal preference.  Secondly, you will likely see this has no border – WELL – I did stitch it but messed up the corners so photographed it without the border.  I do not like ripping out basketweave – no no no!!!  SO not sure what I will do with this but hopefully the finisher will have some ideas.

I stitched the dark purple gobelin initially with a lighter value and found I did not think it “framed” the central star shape well SO changed it to a darker value which I think looks better.  I also like the addition of one row of Kreinik 1/16″ ribbon – a bit of sparkle.  The laid areas (small squares of lattice) – I used my flat ribbon in these areas which would not be my choice again.  It proved difficult as it was too thick for this sort of stitch – lesson learned.  I would likely opt for Neon Rays or something similar next time.

So, tomorrow I will share my final thoughts and show you all three squares together. 🙂

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