MY WAY, Carolyn Mitchell, overdyed perle cottons

MY WAY continues – this is Square “C”.  I introduced this project on Monday of this week for any of you who missed it.  MY WAY is a counted canvas pattern created by Carolyn Mitchell.

As I mentioned yesterday, I started in the center of the project stitching the background basketweave in a dark value of green.  This is surrounded by two walneto stitches.  Those walneto stitches proved very challenging, they were a ……… to stitch if you know what I mean!  I stitched them THREE times, partly because I didn’t know what I was doing (sigh) then again because my choice of colours did not show up the small walneto.  In retrospect I likely should have used a dark value purple for the small walneto so it would show up better below the green 1/16″ ribbon BUT now I know!

Colour #8, my overdye is repeated several times in this square.  I originally stitched the Gobelin areas with lighter values as I was reluctant to use the darker value purple feeling that perhaps it was a bit too dark.  I ended up going with the darker purple and am pleased with the results as it acts as a “frame”.   Another one tomorrow….

Remember you can pick up MY WAY by Carolyn Mitchell at your local needlework shop.

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