CRAZY QUILTING, Colour ComplementsSome more CRAZY QUILTING today.  For those of you who have been following this project you will remember that I used some vintage seed packets in each of the blocks.  I printed them on treated fabric sheets that I ran through my inkjet printer – works great.

I started by stitching curves in a stem stitch using rayon thread.  This was highlighted with silk ribbon leaves and roses and a tiny bit of neon rays at the base.  I backstitched the heart outline using a silk perle and once completed added a silk ribbon bow.  The bottom seam treatment started with a base of chevron and I’ve mentioned the silk perle detached chain in a previous post.

To the left of the vintage seed packet are cast-ons using perle cotton.  This came about quite by accident as I discovered the stitch twisted slightly once completed so I twisted it a bit more to create some texture and curve.

Once I had stitched all the seams I noted that the green fabric at the top looked a little too plain.  I used some of my flat ribbon laying it on the diagonal and couched in place with cross stitches.  I think it turned out quite well and adds some interest to an otherwise boring fabric base.

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