MY WAY, Carolyn Mitchell, hand dyed embroidery threads

MY WAY is a counted canvas pattern designed by Carolyn Mitchell.  Carolyn originally designed and taught the class as a round robin.  The intent of the course was to offer students an opportunity to alter the appearance of an original project using personal choices and decisions.  It’s all about colour!!!  The photo above shows the project as Carolyn designed and stitched it (yes, this is her original) and the option below is stitched by her friend Pat – I would like to thank both Carolyn and Pat for sharing this.

I had seen MY WAY some time ago, loved it and knew I wanted to stitch this – it has been on my “to do” list for some time.  The pattern is designed as a rectangle of six different squares (a seventh square is included in the pattern as a bonus) but I opted to stitch three of these individually so each square measures approximately 5″ with borders.  My next choice was about colour – had a very difficult time choosing what colour combination I wanted to stitch with from my summer collection originally having thought I could do one square in each of the colours I had dyed.  Ultimately I felt this would be too time consuming so opted for colour #8 which is a lovely medium value blend of turquoise, lavender and green.  Once I selected the over dye I proceeded with dyeing solids in each of the three colours found in the overdye in a variety of fibers and values. This week I will be sharing each of the blocks I stitched.  Hopefully I’ll inspire you to play with colour and perhaps try My Way too!  My Way by Carolyn Mitchell is available for purchase through your local needlework shop.  Come along for the journey….

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