KREINIK #16 BRAID, hand dyed KreinikIntroducing KREINIK #16 BRAID.  I am excited to introduce a new sampler pack of Kreinik #16 braid.  The sampler consists of 6 different colour combinations, each skein measuring 5 meters/5.47 yards in length.  To date I do not believe you will find this hand dyed anywhere else in North America!  

For those of you who are not familiar with the #16 braid – it is a round polyester metallic used as a single strand and is not divisible.  Comparable in size to a size 5 perle cotton. It can be used for needlepoint, counted canvas, crazy quilting and twisted cords. It is ideal for wool applique enthusiasts.

It is recommended to use shorter lengths of approximately 45 cm (18 inches) or less for good control and to avoid excessive abrasion of the thread from repeated passes through the ground fabric or canvas. Use a needle with a large eye (chenille) to allow the braid to pass through the fabric/canvas with ease.  Stitch slowly and let your needle hang frequently to avoid the braid twisting on itself.  To give you an idea what it looks like stitched


Uschi kindly stitched a couple of samples in a Palestrina stitch with really lovely results.  Thank you Uschi 🙂

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