CRAZY QUILTING, Colour Complements

I’ve been working a very wee bit on my CRAZY QUILTING project lately (in between all the other STUFF!).  I really love this section as it is busy with various stitches AND a variety of threads etc.  As I’ve said many times, crazy quilting is a great medium for all sorts of stitches.

I’ll start by describing the lower seam treatment.  I started by creating a diamond shape using size 8 perle cotton.  I added three detached chain stitches using silk perle accenting the centers with a French knot using size 5 perle cotton.  I used size 5 perle cotton for the pistil stitches and the centers are cheater roses using 4 mm silk ribbon.

The right seam treatment uses my flat ribbon which is currently on sale!!  I started with three detached chain stitches, added two pistil stitches with sparkle chainette (again on sale).  This was finished with a purple brad, scrapbooking brads 🙂  On the alternate side of the seam I added three straight stitches – I love how the flat ribbon lays flat for a slightly different appearance in your crazy quilting.  These were accented with beads.

The top seam treatment started with a pale green solid perle cotton (I think it is a chevron but honestly I’ve forgotten).  Added detached chains, straight stitches using silk perle accented with beads.  Once I had completed this I felt the solid green background fabric was a bit boring so added some flower sequins and random French knots.

Hope I’ve given you some ideas 🙂

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