CRAZY QUILTING, hand dyed embroidery threadsCRAZY QUILTING today!  This is another area of my ongoing medium dusty crazy quilting project.  Not long ago I purchased some seam binding to see how it would take the dyes, mostly for ribbon work.  I had a length of this lying on my work surface when I was stitching.  I started by stitching down 6 strand floss in a diamond pattern.  I then laced the seam binding around this.  I added a combination of straight and pistil stitches on one side for an accent in cotton floss and sparkle chainette.  I then added mother of pearl buttons at the bottom with beads.

The center seam treatment is a cast-on accented with detached chain stitches in a size 8 perle cotton further highlighted with two straight stitches using a fine metallic thread.

A very compact but fun area.  My crazy quilting journey continues!

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