SPRING COLOURS, Valentine, pink embroidery threadAnother example from my SPRING COLOURS!  Although the majority of my colours for this spring were softer pastels, I had been experimenting with some pink and burgundy combinations during the process and came up with this.  Valentine’s was my inspiration.  This is colour #7, a lovely blend of various values of pinks and burgundy.

The stitch sample on the right is called Ashley from Volume 1 of Stitches on page 6.  I’ve combined it with a soft subtle pink, colour #147.  I know I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of pink but I must admit it can add just the right touch to a project at times.  I can definitely see hearts stitched with this can’t you!?  

SPRING COLOURS, grey perle cotton The last example of my SPRING COLOURS is colour #195, a soft variation of greys.  The stitch sample shows a Continuous 2-4 Woven Scotch which you will find in Stitches Volume 1 on page 19.  Although I found this stitch a bit tricky I certainly love the final results.  That’s it for the spring colours samples.  Back on Wednesday with more stitching.

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