ORTS, needle feltingAs you can well imagine having a hand dyeing thread business one collects a massive amount of ORTS, especially four years worth of ORTS!  My original idea with my jars of orts was to use them in various projects with my needle felting machine.  I realize it will likely be some time before I have the time to play with these and by then I will likely have another collection of orts.  Click on the picture to get a larger view.

So, I’m selling my collection.  There are a total of 8 jars.  As you see organized by colour excluding one which is “mixed”.  These will be great for those of you interested in fiber art and specifically needle felting.  All the jars are mostly bits and therefore NOT suitable for any stitching.  Having said this, there are likely some longer lengths but the majority are bits.  There are all sorts of fibers including silks, rayons, perle cottons, silk ribbon – most are hand dyes but there may be a few others that ended up in there.

Total cost for the contents of all 8 jars is $20 US + shipping – a bargain!  I’ll be shipping in bags versus the jars as shown to minimize costs.  If any of you are interested please email me directly at info@colourcomplements.com.  The first person who contacts me will get the bunch.

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