needlepoint, colour complements spring colours, needlepoint stitch sampleA NEEDLEPOINT STITCH SAMPLE showing a lovely collection of two of my NEW spring colours.  The sample is stitched on 18 count mono canvas.

The Embroiderer’s Guild of the UK publishes a magazine called “Stitch”.  I subscribed for a number of years and this particular pattern is by the talented Sue Hawkins published in Issue #60, August/September 2009.  It is the center part of  a biscornu on page 4.

I used colour #194 in a size 5 perle cotton for the long-legged cross stitch and the tent stitches.  Colour #2 in a size 5 perle cotton for the base of the rice stitch and 6 strand floss in colour  #194 over this for contrast.  The satin stitching is completed using 6 strands of floss in colour #2.

It was fun, easy to stitch and fast.  I love how it turned out 🙂

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