crazy quilting, hand dyed embroidery threadsI decided it was about time I showed some CRAZY QUILTING, in specific seam treatments using more of my spring collection!  These are all seams I embellished on my medium dusty crazy quilt.

The top seam is three rows of straight stitches in a zig zag pattern.  The top and bottom rows use a size 8 perle cotton, colour #2.  The middle row uses size 8 perle cotton, colour #1.  This is completed with three detached chain stitches in size 8 perle cotton, colour #194.

The middle seam treatment are straight stitches in a diamond shape using size 8 perle cotton, colour #4.  I’ve added straight stitches using a machine metallic thread.  The centers are butterfly charms and French knots.

I began the bottom seam treatment with a lace trim embellished with a size 8 perle cotton, colour #1.  I’ve grouped three detached chains with a central French knot.

So, this gives you an idea of crazy quilting using my spring collection!

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