crazy quilting, hand dyed embroidery threadsMy crazy quilting continues.  I am behind on this project so anticipate it will likely not be completed until the middle of this year.  For those of you following along, my blocks are approximately 10 1/12 inches in size.  I’m showing different areas of these versus the entire block.  I do plan to show the entire project once complete so you can see ALL of it!

In the upper right you can see a small area of silk ribbon embroidery which I have shown previously along with a bird charm.  In the bottom right I have couched a seam using my sparkle chainette.  It is couched with perle cotton.  The middle seam is cotton floss in a chain stitch.  This is further embellished with straight stitches using various perle cottons.  In the central area I have couched some of my flat ribbon.  I find my flat ribbon is very versatile for crazy quilting so if you have not tried it yet please do!

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