SNAP TRAYSI always enjoy spending time on Etsy, not that I have a lot of time to do so but I do enjoy it.  I love to see the creativity of others, the various ideas etc.  I’ve admired SNAP TRAYS for some time.  Some of you may not be familiar with them but they are a lovely addition to any needle worker’s studio.  During my Etsy travels I came across Mary’s shop.  Mary is in California and owns Sew Very Glassy.  She sews a variety of bags and purses but what really caught my eye were the snap trays.

Snap trays are a wonderful storage item for all those bits of threads, scissors, needles etc.  Mary makes a set of two, one is a small one (about 6″) which is ideal for needles as it has a cushioned removable base.  The second is a larger tray approximately 9 1/2 inches square.  What makes snap trays ideal is that they lay flat when not in use so they are great for TRAVEL and I’m going to be doing some travelling next year so this is an early Christmas present.

When I first saw these in Mary’s shop, I noticed the Japanese umbrella fabric so I sent Mary a convo (Etsy lingo for conversation) and requested a custom order of the umbrella fabric with small polka dots (love polka dots).   She was most accommodating and had these ready within a couple of days.  🙂

I’m using them for needlework but you could use them for all sorts of storage ideas around the house.

Thank you Mary – love them!  Might want to visit Sew Very Glassy for one of your own snap trays!

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