WOOL CIRCLES, wool circle ornamentDay 6 in my Colourful Christmas series!  It is all about WOOL CIRCLES today!

For those of you who follow my blog regularly you will remember the wool circle sampler I have been working on for some time.  Yes, I will be showing the final results soon.

Once I completed the sampler I had a variety of WOOL CIRCLES left over.  Oh, what to do with them.  I was experimenting with various ideas one day and came up with simply stacking them and creating a small Christmas ornament.  This is SO easy.  I layered them and threaded up a long needle with perle cotton.  I simply went through the middle to attach them and added a little button I had in my stash on top.  THAT’S IT!!!

Although I used wool circles, I could easily see stars or even small squares – endless possibilities.  A great way to use up all your left over scraps of wool from your wool applique projects.

That’s it for today, a super simple wool circle Christmas tree ornament or perhaps package decor 🙂

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