NEEDLEPOINT STITCH SAMPLER, needlepointDay 7 in my Colourful Christmas series!  My NEEDLEPOINT STITCH SAMPLER finished!

This is actually one of two needlepoint stitch samplers I have completed.  You can read my original post from last year here.  I like to experiment with various needlepoint stitches so generally I keep a small canvas framed up to perhaps test a stitch or “see” what a colour combination looks like when stitched up.  They are completely random so no “plan” for this.  They can be any size but this one measures about 6 1/2 x 6 inches so not very large.

When I completed this last year I really had no idea what to do with it.  When I contacted Sue Parson’s at Westcoast Needlepoint Finishing she suggested a door hanger which is how this has been finished.  Sue added the braided edges and two small bows at top which are removable if I choose to do so.  Thank you Sue.

My needlepoint stitch sampler hangs in my studio and interestingly I have found that I frequently refer to it for stitch ideas so it has come in quite handy.  If you remember this was stitched entirely with left over bits of threads, most measuring less than a couple of yards.  A fun project that I could see as a Christmas gift too.

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