NEEDLEPOINT ORNAMENT, Christmas ornamentDay 1 of a Colourful Christmas.  Today is a boxed NEEDLEPOINT ORNAMENT.

Those of you who follow my blog regularly will be familiar with my needlepoint stitch samples.  These are small samples I stitch up to show how a colour combination looks.  When I joined Needlepoint Nation on Facebook earlier this year, I kept seeing all kinds of finishing.  Here in Canada we don’t see this as much so I was very intrigued.  One of the items I saw a lot of was boxed ornaments.  They looked just delightful and I thought what a great idea to present some of my stitch samples.  After some research I found Sue Parson’s of Westcoast Needlepoint Finishing.  Thank you Sue!

You can find the original posts for both these stitch samples here and here.  Sue used my threads to create the braiding and some brocade fabric for backing that I had in my stash.  They are tiny as my samples are only about 2 inches square.  I used colour #162, colour #174, blue sparkle chainette and colour #158 in these samples.  I could easily see one stitched using this sampler pack too!  So, a new NEEDLEPOINT ORNAMENT on my tree this year AND an idea for you to create your own too.  Something different on Friday…..

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