NEEDLEPOINT CHRISTMAS TAG, Christmas tagDay 3 in my Colourful Christmas!  A NEEDLEPOINT CHRISTMAS TAG.

One of the pleasures I have with the holiday season is all the beautiful packaging.  I enjoy adding finishing touches to my parcels, perhaps a different sort of bow or a slightly different twist on wrapping.  Do you remember my blog post on GREEN needlepoint stitch samples???  If not you can find it here.  I created four of these samples, all using green combinations.

I started playing around with tag ideas several months ago.  I started by cutting two tags from a manilla file folder (found at the thrift store) using a die cut machine.  I cut an additional piece of felt to create a cushion and glued this onto the manilla tag.  I wrapped this with a hand dyed cotton fabric AND I wrapped the second tag with the same fabric for the back of the tag.  I sandwiched the front and back together with glue allowing this to dry overnight with a book on top (for good adhesion).

The following day I glued braid to surround the tag.  I then folded the edges of the canvas on my stitch sample and glued this onto the front of the tag.  Once this dried I added braid to hide the edges of the canvas.  I finished this off with a bow I created from some hand dyed seam binding.   I created my bow using a fork.  If you google “creating a bow with a fork” you can find some great videos on this technique.

I will admit, this took me farrrrrrrrrrrrrr longer than expected.  BUT I now have a unique needlepoint Christmas tag for gift giving this year.  P.S.  Next time I’ll have a finisher do this 🙂

I would like to take a moment to remember our Veterans, past, present and future.  THANK YOU!

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