SHOCKWAVE, LORENE SALTEarlier in September I introduced one of my new fall projects, Shockwave!  Shockwave is a correspondence course offered through the Embroidery Association of Canada taught by the very talented Lorene Salt.  Lorene specializes in canvas patterns.  You can read all about Shockwave in my previous post.

Lesson 2 arrived in early September and I could hardly wait to get started with my purples (YOU KNOW I LOVE PURPLE).  Lorene taught us Bargello in Lesson 2.  Bargello is often referred to as Florentine needlework and I adore the look one achieves using it.

I had originally dyed four values of the purple but I found as I stitched (which is often the situation) the two lightest purples were too close in value so I ended up adjusting one.  Now, if I were to stitch this again I would create greater differences in the values!!!  I was quite excited to start the Bargello and see how the purples looked and must admit I am happy with the results.  BUT, I certainly did find it challenging which I believe is because it is on the diagonal.  An experienced stitcher would likely find this a piece of cake but not moi….  Joanne who is one of my local stitching friends and I were both pleased to “finish” this section.  So, I will need to practice more Bargello as I do love the results.

Lesson 3 arrives in November and we will be moving onto another section using the overdye I created for this project – I can hardly wait!!!!  Check out Lorene’s new website.

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