colour complements, new coloursThis week I am introducing two NEW COLOURS I have added to the shop.  The colour on the left is #190 and for those of you following my Shockwave correspondence course taught by Lorene Salt, you will recognize this. Colour #190 is the overdye I will be using in this project and is a lovely blend of pale purples, blue and turquoise/blue.  I will be starting to stitch with this in Lesson 3 and will likely be showing you my progress in December.

Colour #186 is a stunning blend of teal, blue and purple.  This was inspired by a request from Lorene Salt as well for an upcoming teaching project entitled “Serendipity”.  You can find a photograph of this beautiful project in her teaching pieces here.

Through this week I will be showing you some stitch samples of my NEW COLOURS so stay tuned!  

Last Friday Mary Corbet of NeedleNThread included me in her post of blogs to visit – thank you Mary 🙂  I would like to welcome my new readers.  For those of you new to my blog, I post three times weekly.  For those of you who signed up to receive my newsletter I generally send one out every 4-6 weeks with updates of what’s new in the shop, sales, announcements and eye candy.  FYI – you won’t want to miss the posts in November as a special series starts 🙂

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