CRAZY QUILTING, crazy quiltI love bugs in crazy quilting so I always try to add them whenever possible – butterflies, dragonflies, lady bugs, beetles etc.  My dragonfly was created using opalescent daggar beads as the wings, a fine machine metallic thread for the legs and antennae and a row of beads for the body.  A fun and easy addition.  In this section I have a lovely embroidered silk fabric so I did not want to add a lot more embellishment and therefore kept it simple.

On the left is a small seam treatment using hand dyed Edmar Lola rayon in a chain stitch laced with a purple perle cotton.  The seam treatment on the right is a trim attached with straight stitches and accented with pistil stitches, again using the rayon.  At the bottom I’ve used two rows of straight stitches using a perle cotton to create a zig zag pattern.  The central seam treatment started with a lace background.  I created very long bullion stitches using the rayon and have couched these in place to follow the background lace pattern.

There is a small seam treatment of a box created with straight stitches and accented with detached chain and a French Knot.  I used silk perle for this one.

My medium dusty crazy quilting project continues.  I’ll have more to share in coming weeks.

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